Hola, soy ana GT

Medical Spanish Instructor

I help health professionals to speak Spanish with their patients

Medical Spanish

Medical terminology, anatomy, grammatical structures, useful phrases and verbs.

Cultural competency

Cultural issues, traditions, folk illness, home remedies, healers, and more.

Medicine in Spanish with Ana GT: Home of the 5 minute lessons.

You can achieve all of this with just 5 minutes a day from your mobile phone.

What? You have more time and want to invest 10, 15, maybe 20 minutes ? Even better!

Clinical History intake

Physical exam

Give advice and recommendations

Give the possible diagnosis

Explain imaging and labs results

Inform about the treatment plan

Explain medications

Gain cultural competence

Learn how to work with an interpreter

What do you need?

    • you need to speak Spanish in a medical setting, 

    • be able to have a small conversation before the medical encounter,
    • understand your patients and their families,
    • work with an interpreter but understand the conversation?

    I have the course that best suits your needs.

    How is your availability?

    Are you very busy and you want to move at your own pace, little by little, in your spare time?

    I can offer you the method and resources that best suit your schedule and availability.

    With my courses, you only have to dedicate 5 minutes a day.

    You choose and set your learning pace.

    What do you want to learn?

    General medicine, pediatrics, or do you work in the ER?

    Are you a doctor, nurse, social worker…?

    With my program you will learn everything you need for your daily medical practice with Spanish-speaking patients.

    We begin with all the steps of the medical encounter and we continue learning practical cases from the different specialties.

    How would you like to learn?

    All my courses you are mobile-friendly and provide easy accessibility to learn medical Spanish anytime, anywhere.

    With short 5-minute lessons, you can conveniently enhance your skills from your mobile phone.

    • During your commute,
    • while walking the dog,
    • or while waiting for the train.

    What and for whom is Medicine in Spanish?

    Medicine in Spanish is an online Medical Spanish school where English-speaking health professionals can find the necessary resources to improve their Spanish and gain confidence in the medical encounter with patients in Spanish. It is for you if you work with Spanish-speaking patients and you are a student or professional in any field of health.


    If you are a student at an medical, nursing or undergraduate health school, and you would like to work with Spanish-speaking communities or travel to a Spanish-speaking country with a medical-related project, Medicine in Spanish is for you.


    If you are an MD or PA in Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Emergency or any other medical specialty and you work with Spanish-speaking patients and want to give a better service, Medicine in Spanish is for you.

    Imaging Techs

    If you work in the imaging department  and have daily contact with patients who only speak Spanish, and you want to communicate with them to give them a better service, Medicine in Spanish is for you.


    If you are an RN, NP, a nursing student or just think you will be interested in nursing and serving Spanish-speaking communities, Medicine in Spanish is for you.

    Medical Interpreters

    If Spanish is your first language or you are bilingual, and you are considering working as a medical interpreter but you are not sure you know medical terminology well, Medicine in Spanish is for you.

    About me

    Hi there! I’m Ana GT, improving communication between English-speaking healthcare professionals and their Spanish-speaking patients since 2011.

    As an interpreter in a hospital setting, I understand the needs and limitations of healthcare professionals firsthand.

    I am passionate about creating engaging materials, preparing dynamic classes, and offering courses that are easily accessible from your mobile device or any electronic device, anytime, anywhere.

    I have a ton of free resources! If you join my group, «Medicine in Spanish with Ana GT,» you’ll receive a mini-lesson straight to your inbox every week. It’s like a little Spanish language boost delivered right to you!

    What my students say

    ¨This course was extremely helpful. Thank you for being an excellent instructor, tailoring the course to meet our needs and level of Spanish knowledge, and for using a variety of learning styles to teach the course. I highly recommend the course for other residents. I look forward to applying what I learned when working with Spanish-speaking pediatric patients and families in the future.¨

    ¨This was an absolutely phenomenal Medical Spanish course that exceeded my expectations. Ms. Gonzalez is a brilliant instructor and encouraged us to practice our Spanish throughout the course, correcting as appropriate with a nonjudgemental tone. I really valued practicing many medical encounters in Spanish and felt there was a perfect mix of vocabulary review, practice, reading Spanish articles, and Ms. Gonzalez sharing relevant info. All homework assignments were thoughtfully chosen and useful for learning.¨

    ¨This was an absolutely amazing class. It met all my wishes and goals for a medical Spanish course. Ana is a teacher that knows how to strike the balance between affirming and pushing. She clearly recognizes and conveys what information will be most important for us as we use Spanish in our particular context in the future.¨

    ¿Hispanos o Latinos?

    «Ningún estadounidense debería sufrir errores médicos, hospitalizaciones evitables ni atención médica deficiente sólo porque no habla inglés»

    Glen Flores,

    Medical College of Wisconsin (19 de Julio de 2006)