Are you a healthcare professional who frequently encounters Spanish-speaking patients?

Do you want to improve your communication skills and provide better care for your patients?

Welcome to Medicine in Spanish 2:

The Medical Encounter

Are you worried about any of this?


  • Language barriers: The most obvious challenge when treating Spanish-speaking patients is the language barrier. Communication is a crucial part of the doctor-patient relationship, and if there is a language barrier, it can be difficult to obtain an accurate medical history, explain a diagnosis, or discuss treatment options.


  • Misinterpretation: Even with the help of an interpreter, there is always the risk of misinterpretation. Medical terminology can be complex and difficult to translate accurately, and patients may not fully understand what you are saying.


  • Cultural differences: Cultural differences can also pose challenges. Your Spanish-speaking patients, have different beliefs about health and illness, which can affect their willingness to disclose information or follow treatment plans.


  • Time constraints: Working with an interpreter can take more time than working with a patient who speaks the same language as you. This can make it challenging to provide quality care to Spanish-speaking patients.


  • Access to interpreters: There may be a shortage of qualified interpreters, or they may not be available when needed. This can make it difficult for you to communicate effectively with your patients, which can result in misdiagnosis or inappropriate treatment.


I understand you perfectly, I have been teaching professionals like you for many years.

Being an English-speaking doctor with many patients who only speak Spanish can be challenging, especially when it comes to communicating pain and discomfort.

However, there are solutions that can help overcome this language barrier and improve the healthcare provided to Spanish-speaking patients.

One of the best ways to overcome this barrier is to learn medical Spanish. Through this specialized course, you can learn the specific phrases and vocabulary needed to effectively communicate with patients in Spanish.

This can help convey important information about the pain and discomfort your  patients are feeling, allowing you for more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

It is also important to consider your patient’s culture. Learning about different cultures can help you better understand your patients’ perspectives and provide more sensitive and effective healthcare.

This course can help you!

Imagine a Spanish course for health professionals, where you will focus on learning only what it is really necessary.

  • Lessons based on medical situations from the moment the patients arrive at registration until they check out and leave.
  • In each lesson I recreate a real situation, with vocabulary, dialogues, audios, and auto correct exercises.
  • Vocabulary and useful expressions to speak with your patients during the medical history and physical examination.
  • At your own pace, with mini-lessons to complete at your own rhythm.
  • Interactive material with activities designed for you to immediately put what you have learned into practice.
    • Support and monitoring for 3 months via email and private chat group.


    ⏰ You don’t need to spend a lot of time each day. It is enough with 10 minutes a day.

    📱 It is easily accessible with an application from your mobile, that you can access any time and anywhere. Every day, during your commute, at lunch, between patients, or while walking the dog, you can open your app on your phone and complete the lesson.

    🗓️ With small daily doses of 10 minutes you can improve your communication with your patients in 3 months. But you can complete it in less or more time. It depends on you. You set the pace.

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    I have been teaching Spanish as a second language for more than 20 years, 10 specializing in medical Spanish. 

    During this time I have learned to connect with my students, I can adapt to their needs and anticipate many of their difficulties.

    I am also a medical interpreter and that keeps me up to date not only with the necessary medical terminology but also with the cultural particularities of Spanish-speaking patients.

    Daily contact with patients and health providers gives me a lot of information about possible situations and scenarios in which to develop my lessons based on the need to communicate certain aspects during the medical encounter.

    My lessons are well structured, because my goal is for you to get the most out of the time you spend studying medical Spanish.

    I design and create all my digital materials, complemented by other additional materials such as articles, videos or podcasts.


    «Ana is such a dedicated teacher; she invests so much in the learning of her students!  Her structured curriculum is fantastic, as it has both foundational concepts (common verbs and vocabulary) and relevant clinical context to apply them. Her teaching is really driven by her desire to improve the quality of care for the Spanish-speaking community, and it comes through in her passion for her work! I have found that this coursework fits exactly with what I need as a beginner interested in having conversational and transitional language skills to start the visit while waiting for an interpreter. Can’t recommend her program more!»

    «This course was so helpful! I considered myself an «advanced beginner» at the beginning because I had forgotten a lot of Spanish over the years. I feel much more comfortable in my ability to understand and speak Spanish with families. For example, I can now more confidently develop rapport with families while waiting for an interpreter, and I also feel more comfortable that I can easily follow the conversation between families and interpreters. I feel encouraged to keep on working on my Spanish skills, even though the course is technically over.»

    This course was extremely helpful. I did come into the course with a very basic level of Spanish knowledge and had never been taught medical Spanish. This course was perfect, and Ana was able to tailor it to meet our needs. I highly recommend the course for other residents.

    «Ana Gonzalez has created an incredible program with weekly lessons sent via email. They range in levels are exactly on target for what I, as a physician, need to communicate with my patients.

    I have been speaking in Spanish to my patients for over 20 years but only now am I able to iron out stakes, learn how to properly communicate with my Spanish speaking families. It is a fantastic program that she has created that I can speak more highly of.»

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    Medicine in Spanish 2: The Medical Encounter is designed to help you communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients in a medical setting.


    • This course will provide you with the language skills and cultural awareness necessary to build strong relationships with your patients and deliver high-quality care.


    • I will guide you through a series of interactive lessons, covering essential medical Spanish phrases, vocabulary, and grammar.


    • This course is designed to be flexible, so you can learn at your own pace and on your own schedule.


    • You’ll have access to a wide range of resources, including, audio recordings, interactive exercises, and downloadable materials.


    • At the end of this course, you’ll be able to confidently communicate with Spanish-speaking patients, build trust and rapport, and provide better care.


    • You’ll receive a certificate of completion, which you can proudly display in your workplace or add to your resume.


    Invest in yourself and your patients by enrolling in Medicine in Spanish 2: The Medical Encounter today. Join me and take the first step towards becoming a more effective and compassionate healthcare provider.


    In this course, you’ll learn how to:

    ✅ Take a medical history in Spanish

    ✅  Perform a physical examination in Spanish

    Explain medical procedures and treatments in Spanish

    Communicate with patients and their families in Spanish

    Understand common medical terms and abbreviations in Spanish

    You will also learn about cultural differences and communication strategies that are crucial for effective communication with Spanish-speaking patients.


    ALL FOR: $95

    Online learning platform to access the lessons.

    Mobile app so you can learn and practice on the go and with easy accessibility.

    2 Bonus lessons (Folk Illnesses in some latino communities and How to work with an interpreter)

    Easy self-correcting interactive exercises.

    Support for 3 months via email.

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    What happens if I don't like it or I don't want/can't continue with the course?

     This is a very affordable and easy to complete course so unfortunately I can not offer money back. But trust me, you are going to love it.

    How do I access the lessons?

    When you enroll, you will receive a welcome email explaining how to access the platform and download the mobile app. There you will find an introduction video where I explain how the course will work.

    Do I have to complete the course in three months?

    No. Three months is the time you will need if you invest 10-15 minutes every day. But depending on your free time you can do it faster or slower. I offer you support and Q&A sessions for 3 months.

    Do I have support from a tutor?

    Yes, I myself will be checking on you all the time. For three months, from the start of the course you can contact me by email or a private chat group and I will answer as soon as possible during normal office hours.